Over 30 years experience in providing specialist communicators for blue-chip multi-nationals, specialist consultancies and professional practices. 

Good people are always wanted?

As such, if you are good, we want to know who you are. As a first stage, we will need to see a CV in strictest confidence. However, often more importantly, is a sheet which explains what your “wishes and wants” are and what you can “bring to the party”. This clarifies your thinking.

Your background?

If you are involved in PR and/or marketing communications, and you are good at what you do, your CV is of interest to us.

Our roles are seldom advertised?

We use our expertise to find the right person for a job, rather than the best candidate who replies to an advertisement. On rare occasions we will advertise, but only to complement our search activity and our extensive database.

Telephone, Email, Fax or Post

Send your CV and “wishes and wants”.