Meeting the communication needs of blue chip multinationals, specialist consultancies and professional practices for over 30 years. 

Who are our candidates?

We specialise in this niche because we understand it. Some of our candidates have worked exclusively for consultancies. Others exclusively in-house. Many have gained valuable experience in both.

How do we find them?

Over 90% of our candidates come to us by referral – reputable people in the business tend to know other good people and they in turn know others. By networking, probing and drawing on our extensive database and knowledge of who is who and who is doing what, we track down the right people.

Why don’t we generally advertise?

We want the right person
We try not to advertise – preferring to use our knowledge of the market place rather than providing the best from those who may reply to an advertisement. However, we will advertise if a client wishes us to do so in order to complement our normal search activity and extensive database.

What is the key to a successful placement?

The required Skills + Chemistry = Fit
Considerable research is always necessary to identify the best to match our clients’ needs – we will not put square pegs into round holes. The fit and chemistry is vital to any successful working relationship, ad we work hard to understand both the client and the candidate.

What do we look for?

The total person
Unofficial reference checks and/or recommendations on an individual’s personality, people management skills, bottom-line responsibility, general competence and some idea of their ability to develop. In order to glean this information, invariably we contact those who may have had direct experience of working with the potential candidate. (In other words, we network)

What do we charge?

A fair fee
Our fees vary depending upon the complexity of the assignment but do not exceed 25% of the first year’s annual remuneration. Some international roles may require a supplement for real expenses. Domestic assignments rarely have any expenses charged.

Who are our clients?

Consultancies and Corporations
We work across most industry sectors as long as the roles are communication focused.

Other services?

We have a standing brief to identify small to medium sized independent consultancies or teams with a view to being purchased.

• Business to business
• Corporate
• Financial
• Healthcare
• Technology
• Design